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NVISIONx data risk Intelligence platform enables companies to gain control of their enterprise data to reduce data risks, compliance scopes, and storage costs.

Your success is contingent upon knowing what data is critical for each line of business, where it is stored, who has access, and what are the permissible data flows.

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Data-driven insights on what to protect and what to purge.

The First Step Towards Improved Security:Know Your Data

Data is growing out of control and getting worse every day. Business and security leaders are overwhelmed and can’t protect what they don’t know. More controls won’t fix the problem.

Less than 20%

of corporate data is protected.
(Source: IDC)


of corporate data no longer
has business value.
(Source: IDC)


of companies have ammased more data than they can categorize or analyze.
(Source: Gemalto)

$3.86 M

is the average cost of a data breach.
(Source: IBM)

Nx Platform Inventories and Classifies All Data No Matter Where It Is…

Jewels are critical business data

Junk is useless data

Data Management & Compliance That Pays for Itself.

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Partnering with EITS means you’re getting the best security professionals available driven to keep your data safe from present and future threats. Our clients find that increased productivity and less downtime result in our services paying for themselves.

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