Test and secure your security controls so you can be ready for a real-world attack.

Cyber attacks can devastate your organization if you’re not prepared.
Do you know how your company would respond to a real-world ransomware, supply chain, or other attack?
Only 20% of adversary cyber-attack techniques are actually identified by detection and alerting tools due to misconfigurations, changes in tool controls, alerting failures, and other dynamic factors.

Leveraging the power of EITS Attack Simulation as a Service, EITS can simulate a variety of attack chains from initial access to data exfiltration, visualizing security control failures and comprehensive directions for remediation to remove coverage blind spots.

Contact our sales team to learn how you can leverage EITS’ Attack Simulation Services to improve your security posture.

EITS Attack Simulation Services

Our attack simulation service executes real-world cyber attack techniques to test whether detection and alerting controls will respond as expected, with hands-on training for the network defense team with various attack techniques and options to detect attack activity.


Simulation Technology Touchpoints

Customer Endpoints & EITS Agents

EITS simulates attacks via “agents”, which are run on a small sample of endpoint(s) that the customer selects.

Simulation & Defend Platform

Simulation detection and alerting results are scored in the EITS web application, which visualizes security stack coverage and provides remediation recommendations for improvement.

Simulation Schedule

BlindSpot by OnDefend breach simulation schedule
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